Blade: The Iron Cross (Blu-ray)

Blade: The Iron Cross (Blu-ray)

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Blade is Back and more deadlier than ever!

Sick science, punishing puppets, clairvoyant crusaders and a legion of fascist zombies combine in this, the darkest and weirdest PUPPET MASTER film yet: BLADE: THE IRON CROSS! Dr. Hauser, the Third Reich's maddest scientist, rises again with murder and mayhem on his mind. As the deranged Nazi doctor's perverse plot is revealed, psychic journalist Elisa Ivanov (Fox) awakens her own angel of death in Blade and together, maiden and marionette get set to hammer the evil Hauser back into hell where he belongs.


Bonus Materials

  • Full Moon Features remastered trailers.
  • Directors commentary.
  • Set stills.
  • Behind the Scenes footage.


Cast & Crew

Director: John Lechago

Additional Details

Label: Full Moon Features

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Run Time: 70 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/10/20

UPC: 850019903072