Black Oak Arkansas - Live At Royal Albert Hall (DVD)

Black Oak Arkansas - Live At Royal Albert Hall (DVD)

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Black Oak Arkansas: Live at Royal Albert Hall is a high-energy close-up from the rearview mirror of classic rock featuring a remastered and remixed live performance at London's Royal Albert Hall, with a narrated introduction from front man Jim Dandy giving a southern-style sermon about the truth of 'good & evil' or 'God & the devil,' however you want it! Take a trip back in time with the memorabilia gallery of photos and marked events in a digitally mastered DVD that includes 5.1 audio surround sound.


Cast & Crew

  •       Black Oak Arkansas
  • Track Listing

      • Introduction/Lord Have Mercy On My Soul (Halls of Karma)
      • Hey Y'all
      • Back Door Man
      • Hot & Nasty
      • Hot Rod
      • Mutants of the Monster
      • Taxman
      • Jim Dandy
      • Jail Bait

      Additional Details

      Label: RockBeat Records

      Genre: Pop/Rock

      Run Time: 42 mins

      Release Date: 01/09/07

      UPC: 089353700126