Black Boots, Leather Whip (DVD)

Black Boots, Leather Whip (DVD)

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When a down-on-his-luck private eye is hired by a sultry client, he'll find himself caught in a web of seduction, blackmail and murder.

During one of the most insanely productive periods of his career, writer/director Jess Franco resurrected the character of seedy private eye Al Pereira -- portrayed here by key collaborator Antonio Mayans -- for this 1983 Golden Films Internacional hard-boiled erotic thriller: When down-on-his-luck Pereira is hired by a sultry client (blonde wigged Lina Romay under her pseudonym 'Candy Coster') for a fast-buck job, he'll find himself caught in a web of seduction, murder, blackmail, polyamorous mayhem and a Sadomasochistic centerpiece that is jaw-droppingly extreme even by Uncle Jess standards. Asunción Calero (HOUSE OF LOST WOMEN) and Rocío Freixas (THE SINISTER DR. ORLOFF) co-star in this postmodern neo-noir Franco-style, now scanned uncut from the original negative for the first time ever.


Bonus Materials

  • In The Land Of Franco Part 5
  • Murderous Passions Author Stephen Thrower On BLACK BOOTS, LEATHER WHIP
  • Audio Commentary with I'm In A Jess Franco State Of Mind Writer Robert Monell and NaschyCast's Rodney Barnett


Cast & Crew

  •       Lina Romay
  •       Antonio Mayans
  •       Asunción Calero
  •       Alfredo Kier
  •       Rocío Freixas
  •       Juan Antonio García
  •       Lorna Green

Director:Jesús Franco

Additional Details

Label: Severin Films

Genre: Cult

Language: Spanish

Run Time: 89 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 12/07/21

UPC: 760137717591