Bill Elliott Western Double Feature (DVD-R)

Bill Elliott Western Double Feature (DVD-R)

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LAW COMES TO TEXAS: Judge Dean of Bailey County has a dual-role - boss of the outlaw gang & the Sheriff. Utilizing the state law that Sheriffs have jurisdiction only in their own county, the gang merely completes a raid and returns to the safety of Bailey County. Lawyer John Hayes is sent by the Governor to help clean up the matter. After no success as a lawyer, Hayes leaves town only to return disguised as an outlaw with a scheme that nabs all the culprits. RT: 61 min, B&W, NR, 1939, 1.33:1 IN EARLY ARIZONA: Friend helping friend! Marshall Jeff sends for his friend Whit Gordon to help bring law and order to Tombstone. The Sheriff, the Judge, Bull and his gang control the town! Foiled attempts by Bull to stuff the ballot boxes results in Whit Gordon becoming the new Sheriff in town. Marshall Whit and his pals head to the corral for the showdown with Bull and his men. RT: 53 min, B&W, NR, 1938, 1.33:1


Cast & Crew

  •       Bill Elliott
  •       Veda Ann Borg
  •       Bud Osborne
  •       Slim Whitaker
  •       Leon Beaumon
  •       Paul Everton
  •       Charles King
  •       Dorothy Gulliver
  •       Harry Woods
  •       Jack Ingram
  •       Franklyn Farnum
  •       Frank Ellis
  •       Art Davis
  •       Ed Cassidy

Director: Joseph Levering, Joseph Levering

Additional Details

Label: VCI Entertainment

Genre: Western

Language: English

Run Time: 114 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 089859739620