Banjos, Bluegrass, And Squirrel Barkers (DVD)

Banjos, Bluegrass, And Squirrel Barkers (DVD)

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How a chosen few brought the high lonesome sound to Southern California

When you mention bluegrass music most people think of the mountains of Appalachia, not palm trees and beaches. San Diego is home of The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers, which included Chris Hillman (The Byrds), Bernie Leadon (The Eagles), Kenny Wertz (The Flying Burrito Bros., Country Gazette) and Larry Murray (Hearts & Flowers, The Johnny Cash Show), Grammy winning artist Nickel Creek (Chris Thile, Sean & Sara Watkins), plus Deering Banjos, the largest banjo company in North America. This film tells the rich history of the great musicians who helped form the alliance and bonds for future generations of bluegrass.


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Cast & Crew

  •       Kenny Wertz
  •       Bernie Leadon
  •       Mason Williams
  •       Herb Pedersen
  •       Sean Watkins
  •       Byron Berline
  •       John Moore
  •       Dennis Caplinger
  •       Stuart Duncan
  •       Larry Murray
  •       Ed Douglas
  •       Wayne Rice
  •       Geoff Stelling

Director: Rick Bowman

Producer: Rick Bowman

Producer: Elara Bowman

Producer: Bill Perrine

Additional Details

Label: Backyard Green Films

Genre: Bluegrass

Language: English

Run Time: 49 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/10/19

UPC: 760137224396