American Artifact: The Rise Of American Rock Poster Art (DVD)

American Artifact: The Rise Of American Rock Poster Art (DVD)

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An entertaining history of American rock poster art

American Artifact chronicles the rise of American rock poster art since its birth in the '60s.

The film explores the history and rise of the current rock poster movement in America, and features a cast of quirky, interesting, and extremely talented rock poster artists talking about their work and telling the story of their underground art movement.

Beginning in the 1960s in San Francisco with the birth of the dance concert, a rock poster accompanied almost every show that was put on during that era. Soon, people began pulling the posters off of the telephone poles almost as quickly as they were put up.

In the '80s, flyers were done for punk shows on Xerox machines in local libraries or at Kinko's. They were glued to buildings and phone poles surreptitiously at night by kids in the scene.

Today, America is seeing a resurgence in this art form brought upon by the popularity of websites like, and the ease of screenprinting.

This extraordinary film, which includes interviews with over 30 artists, takes the viewer on a journey through the different decades and incarnations of this rebellious art form, and spends time with, arguably, some of the finest artists of this era talking about what inspired their truly American works of art.

FEATURING: Stanley Mouse, Frank Kozik, Art Chantry, EMEK, COOP, Derek Hess, Mark Arminski, Tara McPherson, Justin Hampton, Victor Moscoso, Jermaine Rogers, Jay Ryan, Chuck Sperry, Ron Donovan, Lindsey Kuhn, Leia Bell, Jim Pollock, Randy Tuten, Jim Sherraden & Hatch Show Print, Scrojo, Winston Smith, Print Mafia, Paul Imagine, Kevin Bradley, Julie Belcher, Jeff Wood, Steve Walters, Mat Daly, Stainboy, David Singer, Dennis Loren, Mike Martin, Gary Grimshaw, and Chris Shaw.


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Cast & Crew

  •       Stanley Mouse
  •       Frank Kozik
  •       Art Chantry
  •       EMEK
  •       COOP
  •       Derek Hess
  •       Mark Arminski
  •       Tara McPherson
  •       Justin Hampton
  •       Victor Moscoso
  •       Jermaine Rogers
  •       Jay Ryan
  •       Chuck Sperry
  •       Ron Donovan
  •       Lindsey Kuhn
  •       Leia Bell
  •       Jim Pollock
  •       Randy Tuten
  •       Jim Sherraden & Hatch

Director: Merle Becker

Producer: Merle Becker

Additional Details

Label: Freakfilms, Inc.

Genre: Pop/Rock

Language: English

Run Time: 88 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 08/26/14

UPC: 884501184700