Ageless Living: Volume One (DVD)

Ageless Living: Volume One (DVD)

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The hit PBS series offers best-selling experts, secrets and actionable wisdom for thriving in the exciting new 21st Century Longevity Wave.

The hit PBS series of bestselling experts, secrets and actionable wisdom for thriving in the exciting new 21st Century Longevity Wave.

Volume One includes new insights ranging from our finances to our most intimate sexual relationships. 5 discs, 6 bestselling authors, and 6 hours of inspiration! Special Bonus: the Cappanelli's Wisdom Keeper Special featuring iconic guests like Jean Houston and Ram Dass.

These bestselling experts share their valuable experience, practical advice and empowering life strategies helping viewers take their next steps to leading lives of greater health, meaning, purpose, creativity and abundance.


Gregg Braden- The New Human Story

The New Age visionary merges modern science and ancient spirituality. His bestsellers catalyze millions to make positive changes in their everyday lives. Secrets to self-healing, longevity, super-perception and neurocardiology.

Lynne Twist- The Soul of Money

Explores the secrets to a meaningful, ageless existence. She inspiringly committed to alleviating poverty, environmental sustainability, working with Mother Teresa, and to guiding the philanthropy of some of the world's wealthiest families.

John Gray- Beyond Mars and Venus

The landmark author provides advice on achieving better personal, sexual, and professional relationships. His communication techniques guide men and women to better lives and loves. Secrets of brain/body chemistry, nutrition, health and romance from a master relationship influencer.

George and Sedena Cappannelli- Do Not Go Quietly

Award winners share the secrets of reaching beyond age as a boundary. Practical steps on how to realize your dreams for a more creative, resilient, and engaged life at any age.

Ashton Applewhite- This Chair Rocks

A myth-debunking manifesto for the movement to make age-based discrimination as unacceptable as any other kind of bigotry. Eye-opening, funny and wise, she uncovers the secret damage of ageism from the bedroom to the workplace.


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Bonus Materials

  • One hour bonus Special by the Cappannellis featuring Ram Dass and other Wisdom Keepers.
  • Hours of extra interviews and deleted comments from the speakers
  • Sampler including great moments from all Ageless Living episodes


Cast & Crew

Director: George Cappannelli

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Label: Pop Twist / Agenatio

Genre: Educational

Language: English

Run Time: 260:00 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 02/08/22

UPC: 760137688396