A Killer Awaits (DVD)

A Killer Awaits (DVD)

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Jason tries to live a normal life, but will his personal demons catch up with him?

Witnessing the murder of your father at the hands of your own drug addict mother can take its toll. Jason tries to live a normal life, but like a soldier with PTSD it's not so easy when you've been
traumatized to the core. When people connected to him start getting gruesomely picked off one by one, Jason battles personal demons that may be behind the reasons he's the number one
suspect in a killing spree that has even the homicide division in disbelief.



Cast & Crew

  •       Matt Robinson
  •       Lanny Rethaber
  •       Sallie Glaner

Director: Charles Peterson

Additional Details

Label: World Wide Multi Media

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Run Time: 90 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/14/19

UPC: 760137234395