A Gun In The House (DVD)

A Gun In The House (DVD)

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Hell has no greater fury than a woman's revenge!

An affluent neighborhood has been besieged with violence. Emily (Sally Struthers) and Joe Cates (David Ackroyd) are concerned for their safety. Joe's job working for their airlines has him away from home more often than not, and their young daughter Diana (Missy Francis) has seen two strange men lurking outside their house. They decide to get a dog, but this is surely not enough protection, so Emily and her friend Marcie (Belita Moreno) take a gun course and soon learn how to shoot. When Joe is out of the town two male assailants break into their home. Emily is brutally humiliated, kicked and violated. She makes a run for it, grabs her handgun and shoots one of the attackers in the back. The nightmare is not over. The police find no proof that Emily was attacked, nor do they find any evidence of excessive force. As a result, Emily is arrested and charged with murder - targeted as an 'example' to other would-be gun owners by politically ambitious DA Lance Kessler.


Cast & Crew

  •       Sally Struthers
  •       David Ackroyd
  •       Millie Perkins
  •       Belita Moreno
  •       Missy Francis
  •       Jeffrey Tambor

Director: Ivan Nagy

Producer: David Debin

Producer: Jonathan Debin

Producer: Peter Locke

Additional Details

Label: Substance

Genre: Action/Adventure

Run Time: 96 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/13/09

UPC: 018619198186