AD Police Files (DVD)

AD Police Files (DVD)

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Visit the Dark Side of MEGATOKYO 2027 in three exciting episodes. Relentless technological development has resulted in the creation of Boomers, artificially intelligent androids with the potential to free mankind from physical labor. But anything that can be used, can also be misused. Part of the Mega Tokyo universe as made popular in the Bubblegum Crisis saga.


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Cast & Crew

Director: Akira Nishimori

Director: Takamasa Ikegami

Track Listing

    • The Phantom Woman
    • The Ripper
    • The Man Who Bites His Tongue

    Additional Details

    Label: Animeigo

    Genre: Anime/Manga

    Run Time: 120 mins

    Release Date: 10/05/04

    UPC: 737187005091