The Scorpion With Two Tails (DVD)

The Scorpion With Two Tails (DVD)

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A woman has gruesome visions and begins to suspect that someone or something wants her dead.

Originally shot as an 8-part horror miniseries for Italian television, maverick director Sergio (TORSO) Martino's 1982 horror mystery THE SCORPION WITH TWO TAILS was later cut down to feature length and released theatrically in various European markets. But the movie hasn't properly been available in North America on Blu-ray or DVD....until now!

THE SCORPION WITH TWO TAILS film tells the story of a young woman (Elvire Audray, NOSFERATU IN VENICE) who is having gruesome dreams of ancient sacrificial rites. When her husband is murdered in the same ritualistic way, she begins to suspect that someone or something is targeting her, leading her deep into a nightmarish mystery involving death, smuggling and reincarnation.

Featuring a score by the great Fabio Frizzi (in part using cues from Lucio Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD) this stylish and bizarre chiller stars the iconic John Saxon (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) in a key role, features a supporting turn by Italian exploitation regular Franco Garofalo (HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD) and is filmed on location in eerie Italian catacombs, caves and cemeteries. Full Moon is excited to be bringing this eerie chiller back from the dead in a handsome presentation remastered from the best available materials.


Bonus Materials

  • Rare deleted scenes
  • Trailers


Cast & Crew

  •       Elvire Audray as Joan
  •       Paolo Malco as Mike Grant
  •       Claudio Cassinelli as Paolo Domelli
  •       Marilù Tolo as Contessa Maria Volumna
  •       John Saxon as Arthur Barnard

Director: Sergio Martino

Additional Details


Genre: Horror

Run Time: 98 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 01/24/23

UPC: 850042504154