The House on Sorority Row

The House on Sorority Row

It's always graduation time somewhere and Ronin Flix is celebrating with a new exclusive Limited Edition re-issue of the classic 80's horror slasher The House on Sorority Row from Scorpion Releasing.  

This killer Blu-ray will included reversible artwork with a custom cover from artist The Glitchway and new creative on the back, a new 2k scan of the original negative done EXCLUSIVELY for this release with over 45 hours of color correction (you can check out some screen comparisons on Facebook @scorpionreleasinginfo), new 5.1 surround mix from the original 3 track negative, an isolated music track and new SHD subtitles for the hearing impaired.  Oh, and for those of you who may have gotten your hands on a copy of the previous release, don't worry, all of the original extras will be included as well.  

No promises, but we hear we are getting 1,500 copies of this bad boy in March 2018, so get ready to party with the girls of Theta Pi.  

The House on Sorority Row is Coming Soon to Ronin Flix and is currently listed as 'Sold Out' because it has not yet been made available for sale.  For more information on our upcoming releases and promotions, please join the Ronin Flix mailing list or follow us on Facebook @theroninflix.

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Have you guys released House on Sorority Row,The Unseen and Human Experiments yet?

Charles Gilliam

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