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Wheels of Fire

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An amateur Mad Max copycat hoping to cash in on that trend, this actioner is set in a degenerate future time when a group of low-lifes terrorize everyone around. Led by a baddie named Scourge, the men kidnap and regularly rape the sister of the hero Trace (Gary Watkins). Trace gathers up some allies in Stinger (Laura Banks), a distaff bounty hunter and Spike (Linda Grovenor) a young clairvoyant girl, so he can charge in and rescue his sister. Between the three of them, the Scourge by any name is sure to be conquered.

Starring Gary Watkins, Laura Banks, Linda Grovenor

Special Features: Interview with Roger Corman, Interview with producer Clark Henderson, Interview with writer Fred Bailey, Two different trailers

Code Red // 1985 // 81 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // All Region