Tik Tak Tail: Season One Volume Two (DVD)

Tik Tak Tail: Season One Volume Two (DVD)

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Follow Tik, Tak, and Tail on all of their crazy, zany adventures!

Tik Tak Tail is a fun-filled, action-packed series that follows three crazy characters and their everyday adventures! Tik is a peaceful, vegetarian rabbit who loves tending to his carrot farm, and he always seems to be running away from Tak, a ravenous tiger! But Tak is also battling his own tail! Tail has two eyes and his own mouth, and sometimes he doesn't agree with Tak! This is volume two and features episodes 14-26.

Episode 14: Tik looks around his dirty city and decides to clean it up.

Episode 15: Tik is refurbishing his farmhouse.

Episode 16: Tik watches a film and decides to audition for a different movie!

Episode 17: Tik is preparing for his rock concert, however, Tak and Tail have other plans.

Episode 18: Tak and Tail go swimming in their swimming pool.

Episode 19: Tik plans to sow fresh carrots on his farm. Tak sees this and replaces the carrots with robotic carrots in his garden.

Episode 20: Tik purposely puts fancy nameplates outside his house.

Episode 21: Tik is all set for a trip to the snow world when Tak comes and tears up his ticket.

Episode 22: Tak decides to open a salon because he realizes his nails have special qualities like scissors.

Episode 23: Tik, Tak, and Tail are sleeping in the middle of the night when they all wake up due to loud music playing.

Episode 24: Tik's tooth is painful. Tak takes out his tooth, wears glasses and an apron, and becomes a dentist.

Episode 25: Tired of Tak's chases, Tik devises a plan.

Episode 26: Tik wants to take a perfect photo for his portfolio but Tak and Tail are a great hindrance in front of him.



Cast & Crew

Director: Dheeraj Berry

Producer: Deepa Sahi

Producer: Anish Mehta

Additional Details


Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Run Time: 106 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/09/23

UPC: 818506029728