Tik Tak Tail: Season One Volume One (DVD)

Tik Tak Tail: Season One Volume One (DVD)

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Follow Tik, Tak, and Tail on all of their crazy, zany adventures!

Tik Tak Tail is a fun-filled, action-packed series that follows three crazy characters and their everyday adventures! Tik is a peaceful, vegetarian rabbit who loves tending to his carrot farm, and he always seems to be running away from Tak, a ravenous tiger! But Tak is also battling his own tail! Tail has two eyes and his own mouth, and sometimes he doesn't agree with Tak! This is volume one and features episodes 1-13.

Episode 1: Tik is watering his carrot farm when suddenly Tak comes out of nowhere and attacks him!

Episode 2: Tik wants to be a rockstar.

Episode 3: Jolly the elephant is shifting his stuff from his old house to the new one. Tik is helping him.

Episode 4: Tak often attacks Tik using the stripes on his body by turning them into a bow, arrow, lasso, and other objects.

Episode 5: Tik's easiest route to escape Tak is to dig a burrow and go underground at the last moment. Find out how Tak stops him this time!

Episode 6: One day Tak and Tail have a huge fight.

Episode 7: Tak finds a magic wand in the jungle and uses it on himself and becomes invisible!

Episode 8: While escaping from Tak, Tik ends up entering into a rock concert where a female rabbit Tikki is performing.

Episode 9: Tak is sleeping under a coconut tree and while the vegetarian Tail is fiddling with a coconut, it falls on Tak's head.

Episode 10: When Tak ends up eating chilies and is in a bad state, Tik disguises as a doctor and checks Tak.

Episode 11: While escaping from Tak, Tik ends up landing inside a circus ring.

Episode 12: In order to trap Tik, Tak and Tail steal all the water from the area.

Episode 13: When Tak is not able to get his hands on Tik despite multiple attempts, he gets angry and destroys his entire carrot farm.



Cast & Crew

Director: Dheeraj Berry

Producer: Deepa Sahi

Producer: Anish Mehta

Additional Details


Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Run Time: 108 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/09/23

UPC: 818506029711