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The Sicilian Connection

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The Sicilian Connection was a multi-national programmer designed to cash in on the success of Oscar Winning The Godfather and French Connection and place it in Grindhouse crime style! Nightclub owner Joe (Ben Gazzara) becomes involved with drug trafficking. What we know (but the villains don't) is that Benny is actually going to double cross them and the car chase and action is going to start! The tension level noticeably sags until the showdown denouement. International beauty Silva Monti, space sexy Malisa Longo, loveable Fausto Tozzi, Brute Jess Hahn, and outlandish USA actor Steffren Zacharias  center a deadly cast of international professionals! Directed by maestro Ferdinando Baldi.

Starring Ben Gazzara, Silva Monti, Malissa Longo

Special Features: Brand new HD transfer from Italian vault element, Original U.S. Trailer

Code Red // 1972 // 105 Minutes // Not Rated // Color // English // Region A