The House of Insane Women / Passion Plantation (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix

The House of Insane Women / Passion Plantation

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THE HOUSE OF INSANE WOMEN (HD): Tania, an asylum patient, under doctor's care while suffering raging behavioral effects that follow the death of her exorcised mother.

Starring Analia Gade, Francsico Rabal, Espartaco Santoni

PASSION PLANTATION (SD): In the pre-civil war American south, Emanuelle, a plantation owner's daughter, while outwardly a dainty southern belle, brutally abuses the slaves in her charge. When her fiance is bitten by a snake, he falls for Emanuelle's beautiful African-American maid who's kindness and skill saved his life. Insanely jealous, Emanuelle continues her sadistic behavior towards her charges, and when her fiance announces he plans to wed the maid, Emanuelle "gives" her to her even more brutal hired men, and her fiance is powerless to stop them. Can Emanuelle learn an important lesson in love before it's too late for everyone? 

Starring Malisa Longo

Code Red // 1971, 1976 // 96, 81 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // All Region