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Texas Detour / Cuba Crossing

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TEXAS DETOUR (HD): A trip across the United States takes a wrong turn in Texas Detour when three California teenagers have their van stolen. Stranded in a backwoods town with the sheriff refusing to help, the trio decides to settle scores while getting justice. 

Starring Patrick Wayne, Priscilla Barnes, Cameron Mitchell, Lindsay Bloom

Special Features: New 2017 2K Scan of the original 35mm camera negatives

CUBA CROSSING (SD):  Hud is an American who survived the Bay of Pigs Invasion and has sworn revenge against Fidel Castro. Many years later he gets his chance when he is engaged by Mr Rossellini - who blames Castro for his losses when he and his gambling enterprises had to leave Cuba - and the mysterious Mr. Bell. 

Starring Robert Vaughn, Michael Gazzo, Raymond St. Jacque, Stuart Whitman

Code Red // 1978, 1980 // 92, 90 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // All Region