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Tai Chi Master

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This film is currently sold out and is no longer available for sale at Ronin Flix.

Exclusive Ronin Flix Release

Please note this is a pre-order release that will be available on or around 12/13/22. All items ordered together will be charged at the time of purchase and ship together when everything is in stock. Please place multiple orders if you wish to have items shipped separately as they arrive. All product information, including the release date, subject to change. Update (12.13.22): This item has arrived at our warehouse and will begin shipping today!

Available while supplies last. This is a limited quantity release that will not be reprinted.

This limited edition Blu-ray includes a digitally retouched version of the best available high-definition (1.85:1) master, NEW Cantonese and English DTS-HD Master Audio, and English subtitles. 

"Yeun Wo-Ping is the greatest martial arts director of all time" - Brett Ratner, Director or Rush Hour

"A knockout!" - The Austin Chronicle

"Jet Li is all business; Michelle Yeoh is spectacular" - Elvis Mitchell, Host of KCRW Radio's "The Treatment" 

Two best friends and fellow martial arts students are expelled from the storied temple of Shaolin, only to meet again on the battlefield – one a power- hungry general, the other a freedom-fighting rebel, both mortal enemies. Featuring Michelle Yeoh (EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE) and directed by marital arts legend Yuen Wo-Ping (action director on IP MAN 3 and 4), TAI CHI MASTER is a quintessential martial arts classic.

Starring Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh

Special Features: High Definition Blu-ray 1080p Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1), NEW Cantonese 5.1, Original Cantonese Mono, and English 5.1 lossless DTS-HD Master Audio, and English subtitles, plus bonus material from the prior releases including: Nemesis: An Exclusive Interview with Star Chin Siu-ho, The Birthplace of Tai Chi: On Location in Chen Village, Meditations On The Master: Film Director Brett Ratner & Film Critic Elvis Mitchell Discuss Yuen Wo Ping, and Twin Warriors: Film Director Brett Ratner & Film Critic Elvis Mitchell Discuss Jet Li & Michelle Yeoh

Ronin Flix // 1993 // 96 Minutes // Not Rated // Color // Cantonese or English with Optional English Subtitles // Region Free


What does 'digitally retouched version of the best available high-definition (1.85:1) master' mean?

A: We have cleaned up some of the major defects in the existing master, but it should be noted that it is not a new transfer.

What is so special about DTS-HD Master audio?

A: The previous release used Dolby AC3, which is a highly compressed, or "lossy" form of audio. DTS-HD Master audio is "lossless" and provides a vast improvement in overall audio quality.