Sunset Strip (Blu-ray)

Sunset Strip (Blu-ray)

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10 Decades... 10 Blocks... The Loudest Street on the Planet!

Home to the biggest sounds, iconic images and cultural movements to echo around the world. Experience the Strip from its origins in the 1920's Prohibition, to Madame Francis' notorious brothel in the 1930's, to the world-class 1940's Nightclub scene, to the Mafia Wars of the 1950's, the Teen Riots in the 1960's, to the Punk scene in the 1970's, to Hair Bands and Heavy Metal in the 1980's, Hip Hop and Grunge of the 1990's, all the way up to today's resurgence with first class comedy clubs and establishments such as Soho House, the Viper Room, and The Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Bonus Materials

  • 6 hours of bonus material
  • 30 x 30 sec promo clips


Cast & Crew

  •       Slash
  •       Johnny Depp
  •       Keanu Reeves
  •       Mickey Rourke
  •       Sharon Stone
  •       Ozzy Osbourne
  •       Courtney Love
  •       Alice Cooper
  •       Hugh Hefner
  •       Perry Farrell
  •       Peter Fonda
  •       Clive Davis
  •       Dan Aykroyd
  •       Sofia Coppola
  •       Tom Arnold
  •       Richard Lewis
  •       Carmen Electra
  •       Paris Hilton
  •       Lou Adler

Director: Hans Fjellestad

Producer: Joe Mundo

Producer: Tommy Alastra

Producer: Donovan Leitch

Additional Details

Label: Unobstructed View

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 96 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/22/14

UPC: 778854205994