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Slithis (Spawn of the Slithis)

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Please note the Slithis Blu-ray includes a Limited Edition Slipcover. Everyone who ordered this film from us will receive the Slipcover version.

Finally nature unleashes it's revenge! From the pollution of our nuclear waste came the killer we couldn't destroy. Our worst nightmares come to life with the terrifying, scaly monster - SLITHIS! First this nuclear mutant killed household pets near the canals of Venice, California. Now it preys on the elderly and homeless. In the tradition of Jaws, two outcasts, a teacher and Sea Hunter, will take on the ugly monster to stop the slaughter!

Starring Alan Blanchard, Judy Motulsky

Special Features:  New 2017 2K scan of the original camera negative, Reversible Cover

Code Red // 1977 // 85 Minutes // Rated PG // Color // English