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In Scream, a group of people on a rafting excursion happen upon a deserted town and decide to set up camp. Out of the blue, a murder occurs. It appears that the town is not as deserted as they thought. Someone is out there and doesn't want them around. They desperately try to escape but their rafts are destroyed. What possible hope of survival can they have with no escape and no one around to help?

Starring Woody Strode (The Professionals, Spartacus), Alvy Moore (Green Acres), Greg Palmer (To Hell and Back), Pepper Martin (Wrestling Legend, Superman 2, Walking Tall), Hank Worden (The Searchers), John Ethan Wayne (son of John Wayne).

Special Features: New 2K scan of the original negative, Audio commentary with director Bryon Quisenberry, Theatrical Trailer, Maria's B-Movie Mayhem mode

Kino Lorber // Horror // 1981 // 82 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // All Region

Please Note: This is the Kino Lorber Blu-ray, not the version that we sold previously.