Mail Order Wife (DVD)

Mail Order Wife (DVD)

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A movie maker unwittingly gets a bit too involved with his subjects in this darkly comic mockumentary. Andrew (Andrew Gurland) is a documentary filmmaker who wants to make a picture about modern-day mail order marriage. Andrew thinks he has found the perfect subject for his film when he meets Adrian (Adrian Martinez), a stocky snake enthusiast from Queens, NY, who earns his living as a doorman and has never had much luck with women. Adrian chooses a bride from a professional marriage broker's agency called 'Paradise Girls' and Andrew agrees to foot the bill in exchange for the rights to make a movie about him. Adrian soon weds Lichi (Eugenia Yuan), an attractive Burmese woman, but Andrew is less than pleased to discover what Adrian really wants from this relationship is a woman who will feed mice to his pet python, make chili just the way he likes it and keep the house spotless while occasionally indulging some of his odder sexual fantasies. Lichi isn't happy either and at Andrew's urging she leaves Adrian and moves into Andrew's apartment until she decides what to do next. Andrew falls for Lichi and before long he asks for her hand in marriage; however, her relationship with Adrian has stripped Lichi of her illusions and she becomes a very demanding bride who loudly speaks her mind and has accumulated a large and expensive collection of pig-related knickknacks.



Cast & Crew

  •       Andrew Gurland
  •       Adrian Martinez
  •       Eugenia Yuan
  •       Jose Canseco

Director: Huck Botko

Director: Andrew Gurland

Producer: Nina Yang Bongiovi

Producer: Avram Ludwig

Producer: Kendall Rhodes

Producer: Andrew Weiner

Additional Details

Label: Filmrise

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Run Time: 92 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/07/17

UPC: 760137042693