Lone Wolf McQuade (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix - Slipcover
Lone Wolf McQuade (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix
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Lone Wolf McQuade

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Blu-ray includes a limited edition slipcover while supplies last.

Chuck Norris (The Delta Force) takes on David Carradine (Kill Bill) in this modern-day western/action adventure that packs a wallop! An "unabashedly action-oriented and skillfully crafted film" (The Hollywood Reporter), Lone Wolf McQuade is simply "a thrill machine" (L. A. Herald-Examiner)!

Legendary renegade Texas Ranger J.J. McQuade (Norris) is fierce with his gun - but lethal with his black belt! When his teenage daughter's life is threatened by hijackers attempting to steal a truck full of weapons and ammunition, the job becomes personal for McQuade. Uncovering a colossal arms-smuggling outfit that is selling guns and ammo to terrorists all over the world, McQuade come face to face with its kingpin, Rawley Wilkes (Carradine) - a world-renowned martial arts expert who has never lost a battle! Does the Ranger have what it takes to save his daughter and his honor - or has he finally met his match, and ultimately his demise?

Starring Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera, Leon Issac Kennedy, L.Q. Jones

Special Features: New 2K scan from the interpositive, new audio commentary with director Steve Carver, actors Robert Beltran and L.Q. Jones, producer Yoram Ben-Ami, moderated by C. Courtney Joyner, new interviews with Leon Issac Kennedy, L.Q. Jones, Robert Beltran and Yoram Ben-Ami, Theatrical Trailer

Scorpion Releasing // 1983 // 87 Minutes // Rated PG // Color // English // Region A

Theatrical Trailer