Killer Fish (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix

Killer Fish

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Death, deception and nature have gone wild, as piranhas protect a stolen emerald cache. Paul Diller is the mastermind of a multi-million dollar jewel heist. The team, including Robert Lasky and his girlfriend, Kate Neville, steal the gems and hurl them to the bottom of Brazil's deepest lake, which is then filled with deadly man-eating piranha. Soon, all members of the team are pitted against each other in a deadly battle of wits and a deadly battle against piranhas! Scorpion Releasing is proud to present a brand new HD master, in widesceen, for the first time anywhere in the world!

Starring James Franciscus, Lee Majors, Karen Black, Marisa Berensen, Margaux Hemmingway, Gary Collings

Special Features: Brand New HD Master, Interview with Frank Pesce, Theatrical Trailer

Scorpion Releasing // 1979 // 101 Minutes // Rated PG // Color // English // Region A