India: Kingdom Of The Tiger (DVD)

India: Kingdom Of The Tiger (DVD)

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Discover the beauty and grace of one of the most powerful big cats in the world.

Jim Corbett, a famed English hunter and naturalist, must race to save an Indian village from the terror of a man-eating tiger in this historical epic that depicts India from 1910 to the modern era. During his adventure, he expresses his passion for tigers and explores the issues of tiger conservation. This film stars critically acclaimed Smriti Mishra and Christopher Heyerdahl.



Cast & Crew

  •       Christopher Heyerdahl as Christopher Heyerdahl
  •       Smriti Mishra as Smriti Mishra

Director: Bruce Neibaur

Producer: Afsana Amarsy

Producer: Goulam Amarsy

Additional Details


Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 40 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 810071440106