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House on the Edge of the Park

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House on the Edge of the Park has no mercy.

Right from the start, the evil and violence of Alex (David Hess, Last House On The Left, Avalanche Express, Swamp Thing) dominates the story as he strangles an innocent young girl. After helping a rich couple with their car, Alex and his simpleminded sidekick, Ricky (John Morghen, Cannibal Ferox, Cannibal Apocalypse, The Gates Of Hell), invite themselves to an upscale dinner party. The attendees seem jaded and are looking for wild disco kicks, unaware of the two dangerous criminals in their midst. When the tension explodes, this friendly evening gathering descends into an unrelenting orgy of humiliation, mutilation and murder. As with his taboo-breaking classic Cannibal Holocaust, director Ruggero Deodato pushes the limits of acceptable content in a movie further than ever. Now watch this savage classic of Italian cinema in startling HD!

Special Features: HD master with additional color correction, On camera interview with stars David Hess, John Morghen, Karoline Madeck and Director, Ruggero Deodata, Theatrical Trailer

Code Red // 1980 // 91 Minutes // Unrated // Color // English // All Region