Fred Williamson Collection - Volume 3 (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix

Fred Williamson Collection - Volume 3: Mr. Mean / Joshua

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MR. MEAN: "Death has a new name...Mr. Mean. The Mafia wants the best. Someone who enjoys his work. A man with a bad reputation. Someone who can stop the bloodbath before it gets started. They just found him. Fred Williamson stars as Mr. Mean, a ruthless mercenary who loves only one thing better than life itself - DEATH."  Also starring Lou Castel, Raimund Harmstroff and a hot score by OHIO PLAYERS! Now see this uncut for the first time in America.

Special Features: New HD master of the uncut print

JOSHUA: A band of dirty outlaws kidnap a rancher's young wife and kill the maid. Little did they know that the maid was Joshua's (Fred Williamson) mother. Now the vengeance-filled rancher orders Joshua to find the outlaws and kill them one by one.

Special Features: New 2017 2K scan of the vault elements 

Code Red // 1977, 1976 // 80, 77 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // All Region