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Flavia the Heretic

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Update (12/10): Our friends at Scorpion Releasing found extra copies of this fan favorite gem in their warehouse and we're making them available to you starting today!

Flavia, a young woman in the 13th century, is sent by her overbearing father to a strict nunnery. After witnessing the unjust practices inside the convent, as well as questioning her own faith, Flavia escapes the convent but is soon recaptured by a church leader. She is subjected to torture, rape and whippings by the church leaders as punishment. Battered and beaten, she starts to plan her violent mission of revenge against the church and everyone in it.

Starring Florinda Bolkan (Lizard in A Woman's Skin)

Special Features: New HD master

Scorpion Releasing // 1977 // 101 Minutes // Rated R // Color // Italian // All Region