Extreme Wrestling Legends: New Jack & Sandman, Extreme Bloodshed (DVD)

Extreme Wrestling Legends: New Jack & Sandman, Extreme Bloodshed (DVD)

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New Jack and Sandman were two of the most violent wrestlers that physically abused and beat their opponents mercilessly.

Extreme Wrestling Legends New Jack and Sandman go down in history as two of the most violent stars of ECW. These hardcore personalities of the 90's helped reshape an industry giving a platform to misfits that didn't fit in the mainstream. The audiences at the legendary ECW arena with never-before-seen acts of violence.

In early 2000's, Extreme Championship Wrestling shuttered operations filing bankruptcy, when Vince McMahon and the WWE purchased the company. Sandman, New Jack, and other hardcore icons wrestled for former ECW general manager Steve Karel who promoted events and acquired other hardcore wrestling promotions.

New Jack was the brainchild of the blood-thirsty tag team champions and straight up street thugs, THE GANGSTAS. He spread his violence and path of destruction everywhere. The violence committed by New Jack could be classified as utterly reprehensible, as fans thirst for blood grew. New Jack salutes fans by crossing his arms forming an 'X', which is the ultimate street gang sign for taking care of business and eliminating your enemy.

Former doorman security at a local area Philly bar, The Sandman transformed himself into an extreme wrestling icon. He launched himself into legendary status with his epic beer guzzling and smoke filled ring entrances which ended as he pounded beer cans into his forehead, bleeding before the match even commenced. The Sandman wrestled his opponents hacking at them with a Singapore cane leaving welt marks over bodies, while blood dripped to the floor, with his arm raised in victory.

Fans pack arenas to witness New Jack & Sandman in action. Both went further than others with wood tables, steel chairs, and fighting through the crowd. Both men cranked it up to an entirely different level using steel spikes, cheese graters, staple guns, and even a sharp sickle leaving their opponents a bloody mess.

These extreme wrestlers physically abused and beat their opponents mercilessly. Not since, has these acts been replicated.


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