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Day of the Animals

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The Terrifying Movie of a World Gone Mad!

Scientists warn that the depletion of the earth's ozone layer is reaching critical levels, particularly in higher altitudes. How critical? Enough to unleash the vengeful wrath of the entire animal kingdom! No human is safe, particularly a group of nature-loving hikers who are constantly menaced by every conceivable mountain-dwelling creature. Dogs, rats, snakes, hawks, owls, mountain lions and bears are out to send a clear message about chlorofluorocarbon abuse. Director William Girdler follows up his 1976 hit film, Grizzly, with this eco-sensitive, nature-runs-amok thrill-ride. Now see it from a brand new HD master from the original IP in correct widescreen scope format, along with a brand new 5.1 mix, first time anywhere in the world!

Starring Leslie Nielsen, Jon Cedar, Christopher George, Richard Jaeckel, Lynda Day George, Michael Ansara, Ruth Roman

Special Features: New HD master, Isolated Score by Lalo Schifrin, Interviews with Jon Cedar and Paul Mantee

Scorpion Releasing // 1977 / 91 Minutes // Rated PG // Color // English // Region A