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City on Fire

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An all star cast gets engulfed in this tale of terror and heroism!

William Dudley is a corrupt mayor who has allowed a chemical works to be built right in the center of town. When an employee at the works has been denied an expected promotion and, in addition, finds himself fired shortly thereafter, he decides to take his revenge by opening the valves to the storage vats and their interconnecting pipes. It doesn't take long for this act of petty vandalism to start a fire that soon engulfs an entire metropolis! The drama focuses on a newly built hospital which, like all civic buildings that went up during the mayor's crooked administration, is shoddily built and poorly equipped and is now under the fire storm headed its way. Who will survive?

Starring Barry Newman, Susan Clark, Shelley Winters, Leslie Nielsen, Henry Fonda, Ava Gardner

Special Features: New HD scan, Original TV Spot

Scorpion Releasing // 1979 // 106 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // Region A