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Ten Little Indians

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One of the most diabolical mysteries ever concocted comes to vivid life in this all-star version of the classic Agatha Christie thriller! Summoned to an isolated, elegant hotel in the middle of the desert, several strangers find themselves accused at dinner of heinous crimes that have escaped punishment ... until now. Now they're being murdered off one by one in a pattern from a chilling nursery rhyme, and suspicion grows as they realize the killer may be one of their own. Oliver Reed and Elke Sommer headline a dazzling cast of potential victims including Oscar winner Sir Richard Attenborough, Herbert Lom, French pop sensation Charles Aznavour, Stephane Audran, Gert Frobe, Adolfo Celi, Alberto De Mendoza, Maria Rohm, and the voice of one and only Orson Welles. Directed by cult filmmaker Peter Collinson (The Italian Job, Open Season), this riveting and stylish whodunit is more baffling than ever in glorious HD!

Starring Oliver Reed (Burnt Offerings, The Hunting Party), Stéphane Audran, Elke Sommer (A Shot in the Dark, House of Exorcism), Sir Richard Attenborough, Herbert Lom, Gert Frobe, Orson Welles 

Scorpion Releasing // 1974 // 98 Minutes // Rated PG // Color // English // Region A