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Hollywood Boulevard

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Shamelessly Loaded With Sex And Violence!

Welcome to Miracle Pictures...where "If it's a good film, it's a miracle!" This hilarious tribute to the unsung heroes of low-budget filmmaking is an enduring tale of all would-be actresses seeking to make it in Hollywood as a young ditsy pretty blond arrives in Hollywood to try her luck as an actress. After some mishap, a shady agent finds her a job with a sleazy B-movie crew plagued by strange deadly accidents. Now restored in HD from the original camera negatives!

Starring Candice Rialson, Mary Woronov, Dick Miller, Paul Bartel

Special Features: Audio Commentary with Directors Joe Dante, Allan Arkush and producer Jon Davidson, New interviews with Joe Dante, Roger Corman, Allan Arkush, Jon Davidson, Mary Woronov 

Scorpion Releasing // 1976 // 83 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // All Region