Giallo in Venice (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix - Slipcover
Giallo in Venice (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix
Giallo in Venice (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix - Reversible Cover
Giallo in Venice (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix - 9 x 11 Mini Poster

Giallo in Venice

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The beautiful canals of Venice are stained with blood when the bodies of young couples are found savagedly murdered. Inspector De Paul sets out to unravel what happened to the young victims. The deeper he digs, the more sordid secrets he uncovers, but more people will die before the mystery is finally resolved. This infamous mixture of sleazy eroticism and over the top gore is one of the wildest films from the golden age of Italian exploitation cinema.

Starring Jeff Blynn, Mariangela Giordano, Leonora Landi

Special Features: New 2018 scan with extensive color correction - in Italian with new subtitle translation, Audio Commentary with film historian Troy Howarth, Reversible Cover

Scorpion Releasing // 1979 // 99 Minutes // Not Rated // Color // Italian with English Subtitles // Region A

Please Note: While this film has not been rated, Giallo in Venice is well-known for being extremely graphic and is not suitable for all audiences.