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Spasmo (Blu-ray): Ronin Flix


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Suspense and surprises lurk around every corner in one of the most daring Italian shockers of the '70s.

A mysterious, beautiful woman washes up on a desolate beach, setting off a perplexing chain of events involving the mentally unstable Christian, his brother Fritz and a maniac on the loose. Featuring a powerful score by Ennio Morricone, the riviting thriller from director Umberto Lenzi is a haunting masterpiece of deception and madness.

Starring Suzy Kendall (The Bird with the Crystal Plummage), Robert Hoffman, Ivan Rassimov (Jungle Holocaust)

Special Features: New HD master, Vintage interview with Umberto Lenzi, Theatrical Trailer, Two versions of the film - original HD master and cleaned up HD master

Scorpion Releasing // 1974 // 94 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // Region A