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Warlock Moon

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A bizarre blood cult is on the prowl for human sacrifices! A beautiful young college co-ed (Laurie Walters) is lured to an abandoned country health spa only to fall prey to a strange coven of cannibalistic witches, ghosts and brutal axe men. Will she thwart their plans for recruiting new victims for ritualistic murder -- and something even more depraved? Also starring Joe Spano, this drive-in classic comes howling at you not only in HD, but two versions – the theatrical and the longer TV cut.  

Starring Joe Spano (Hill Street Blues, CSI, Terminal Choice), Laurie Walters (Eight Is Enough, The Harrad Experiment)

Special Features: New HD master of the only surviving vault element of both versions, Audio commentary with star Joe Spano and Laurie Walters, Interviews with Joe Spano and Laurie Walters

Code Red // 1973 // 83 Minutes (Theatrical), 89 Minutes (TV Cut) // Not Rated // Color // English // Region A