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Hands of Steel

Hands of Steel

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Sinister industrialist Francis Turner creates a cyborg known as Paco Queruak, who has been programmed to terminate the leader of an ecological faction that stands in the way of the dystopian country. After failing in his mission to eliminate the ecologist, Paco flees to Arizona and hides in a local diner. Now, a hitman and a local trucker have been sent to eliminate the cyborg in this exciting Italian classic directed by Sergio Martino (Violent Professionals).

Starring John Saxon (Enter the Dragon, Moonshine County Express), Daniel Greene (Weekend Warriors), Claudio Cassinelli (Great Alligator, Screamers), George Eastman (Ironmaster, Delirium), Donald O'Brien (Dr. Butcher M.D), Roberto Bisacco (Torso)

Special Features: New HD scan with additional color correction - exclusive to this release, Interview with star Daniel Greene, John Saxon, director Sergio Martino, George Eastman and Roberto Bisacco, Theatrical Trailer

Code Red // 1986 // 94 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // Region A